Win a year of free escape games. 1 free game per month for you and your friends. Plus great weekly prize drawings. Enter the contest.
Win a year of free escape games. 1 free game per month for you and your friends. Plus great weekly prize drawings. Enter the contest.

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The contest

Grand prize

Win a free escape game every month for a year, for you and your friends and family.

Up to $200/game. Real life escape rooms, tabletop escape/puzzle games, and virtual escape rooms are all included.


How to win

Collect the most points by referring friends and completing challenges. The participant with the most points at 11:59:59pm on 3/14 wins.

How it works

Once a month you pick a game on the Morty app (we'll give you beta access). You book it, we reimburse you (up to $200). We have thousands of games to choose from, and if you want to play one we don't have yet, we can probably add it.

Weekly giveaways

We're also giving away a free game each week at one of the TERPECA 2020 top online rooms. These games can all be played at home.

To win one of these random drawings, just refer at least one user each week and you'll be entered. The more users you refer, the more chances you'll have to win. Check back every Monday to see what prize is offered.


Earn extra bonus points by solving puzzles along the way.

Our current giveaway

Week 5 (Mar 1-7)

This week's giveaway is two free play-at-home box puzzle games: Club Drosselmeyer and The American Society for the Protection of Magical Creatures.

Weeks 5 through 6

Stay tuned!

Past Giveaway Winners

Week 1 (Feb 1-7)

Pursuit of the Assassin Artist: Daniela K

Week 2 (Feb 8-14)

Vanishing Act: Mandy F

Week 3 (Feb 15-21)

Agent Venture Mission III: Micky N

Official Rules

No purchase necessary. Contest runs from 12:00am January 31st 2021 to 11:59pm March 14th 2021 Pacific time. Grand prize winner will be announced the week of March 15th 2021, based upon points accrued on the leaderboard. Scores are subject to verification by Morty team. Weekly giveaway winners will be chosen on the second day of the following week. All winners will be contacted directly via email and may be announced on social media and this website. Participants consent to receive email from Morty. Void where prohibited. Entry via Morty website.

Q: If I win the grand prize can I book any game at all?

Any game you can find on Morty, so basically! If it's not there and you submit it, we'll add anything within reason. Tabletop, remote and real life escape games anywhere in the world are usually within our scope.

Q: I can't play escape rooms in person in my area. If I win the grand prize can I start my monthly free escape games later?

Yes, you can begin cashing in any time in 2021. You can also use your free games to order tabletop escape games or remote/online games as well.

Q: How do you pay for the games if I win the grand prize?

Once you confirm the game is eligible, just forward us your receipt after booking your game each month. We'll confirm it and send you a reimbursement for up to $200 within one business day.

Q: How do I find out what the weekly prizes are?

We'll announce each weekly drawing on this page and on our mailing list, which you'll sign up for by entering the contest.

Q: What exactly will you email me about if I sign up?

During the contest (6 weeks) you'll get an email or two a week about the contest status. Afterwards we'll resume our normal cadence of infrequent messages about upcoming product launches, surveys about what features you'd like to see, and other opportunities for product input.

Q: Can I just sign up any email address?

All referred users should be real people with a least a vague interest in escape games. 😃  Once they fill out the intake form using a valid email address you'll receive credit. There may be a delay due to email verification. Temporary email generators like Guerilla Mail and 10 Minute Mail will not be accepted. We'll be on the lookout for fraudulent submissions. 🕵️️

Q: Can I win more than once?

If you win a weekly drawing you're still eligible for the grand prize! But to be fair to everyone, you can only win weekly drawing one time.

Q: When will I get access to the Morty app?

Right now we're running a small early access program, and we will reach out as soon as we can provide you access to Morty.

Q: What if I signed up for Morty prior to the contest?

If you signed up for Morty prior to our contest launch date and want to enter just let us know and we'll add you!

What is Morty?

Morty is an app to find great games, coordinate with friends, and track your escapes. Find out more.