Mission and Pledge


Morty's mission is to grow, support and streamline the escape room ecosystem for owners, enthusiasts, and newcomers alike.

Owners:  Connect them with both enthusiasts and newcomers.

Enthusiasts:  Make it easy to track games they've played and want to play, and simplify the booking process.

Newcomers:  Make games around them easily discoverable, inform them on the basics of escape rooms, and help them become an enthusiast.

Community Pledge

Be Positive Force in the Community

We win when the escape room industry wins. We make it a top priority to create more enthusiasts, let owners present their games and businesses how they prefer, and get everyone playing more escape rooms. We succeed only by providing the best features and support to enthusiasts, newcomers, and owners.

Morty is a for-profit entity and works primarily off commissions from bookings. We strive to keep this arrangement fair and manageable for escape room businesses.

Although the interests of owners, newcomers, and enthusiasts may not always align, we do our best to strike a balance.

Respect Our Users

Morty focuses on features that enhance the lives of our users and does our best to keep from annoying them and demanding too much of their valuable attention.

When connecting community members together, be it via reviews, messaging, news feeds, or collaborative booking, we aim to keep the platform safe and fun without over-moderating.

If Morty's product is going to go away for any reason we will give our users the ability to export all of their data.

Be Sincere

We try to provide the most accurate ratings, booking times, and game information possible. While we let owners claim their businesses and update listings there are certain attributes, such as scores, that they can't influence.

Morty will not change a game's score based upon a commercial relationship, such as an advertisement of partnership. To stay impartial we do not directly link advertising and editorial functions, such as allowing Morty's booking system to impact its scoring algorithm.

If an entity with ties to the escape room industry invests in Morty or otherwise acquires ownership, we will publicly disclose these relationships.

Have Fun

Escape rooms are fun, our products should be too. We won't take ourselves too seriously.

Revision History

As our industry evolves and Morty's mission evolves we may decide to update these statements. To hold us accountable we will maintain a history of prior versions (excluding grammatical edits).

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